ALNA PAPAYA FACIAL KIT that helps fade the dark spots, induces skin fairness and removes blemishes from your face an ayurvedic creation made with pure ORGANIC extracts.


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  • Papaya can be extremely good when you desire for a healthy-looking youthful glow. The good thing about papaya is that they have enzyme papain that helps fade the dark spots, induces skin fairness, and removes blemishes from your face.
  • this facial kit is made from papaya and has five tubes in it, which are papaya face scrub, gel, massage cream, face pack which helps in removing blemishes, gives a cooling sensation to the skin, tighten facial skin, improves skin tone, and reduces pimples

How to use

Step-1) Alna Papaya Cleanser – Take an appropriate amount of Alna Sea Papaya Cleanser on wet face, gently massage for 2-3 minutes in a circular motion. Rinse off with water or wipe off using moist cotton.


Step-2) Alna Papaya Scrub -Take an appropriate amount of Alna Papaya Scrub on the wet face, gently massage skin with brisk in circular movement for about 5-10 minutes. Rinse off with water or wipe off using moist cotton.

Step-3) Alna Papaya massage cream – Apply Alna Papaya massage cream over the face and neck, massage for firming and lifting with upward and outward strokes. Massage for 10-15 minutes till cream gets completely absorbed into the skin

Step-4)Alna Papaya Gel – Take an appropriate amount of Alna Papaya Gel and apply it on the face and neck. Gently massage for 10-12 minutes till the gel gets absorbed into the skin.

Step-5) Alna Papaya Face pack – Protect the hairline with folded tissues. Apply Alna Papaya Face Pack in a thin layer over the face and neck area with fingertips. Avoid the eyes area and leave it till it dries off within15-20 minutes. then remove all traces of pack using moist cotton.

Benefits of alna Papaya De-Pigmentation Facial Kit

Useful in Varnya,charmaroga (useful in deep skin
cleansing helps in controlling,& prevention of
blackheads in the skin, for glowing skin.

Nourishes skin: Containing Vitamin A and
Papain enzyme, papaya helps remove
dead skin cells and inactive proteins, thus
rejuvenating your skin. It also helps
keep your skin hydrated.







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