Why Your Dry Hands have been Peeling in Winter


Why Your Dry Hands are Peeling in Winter

Winter takes a toll on your skin — that much is clear. Less apparent is its impact on your hands, specifically, and why the colder months have coincided with the skin around your fingers and palms taking off to peel.

If you’ve found zero relief from slipping your hands into a pair of fleece-lined gloves and bathing them in your cushiest hand creams, it’d be time to evaluate what else is additionally contributing to their current uncomfortable state. you may be surprised to look out that it’s going to be caused by habits you’ve picked up throughout the season or an underlying skin condition.

Over-washing Your Hands

With flu season at its peak, it’s understandable to want to clean your hands repeatedly. However, doing so is also what’s causing your hands to dry out and peel. “While soaps can disinfect our hands, they’ll also strip the skin of essential oils, which could end in dryness.”
If you discover yourself washing your hands frequently, he suggests employing a non-soap cleansing lotion. “These cleaners are extremely gentle and offer hydrating benefits while they remove dirt from the skin.” “While they’ll be removed with water, they alternatively is also rubbed on the skin and wiped off.”

Using Hand Sanitizer
Though the urge to drown your hands in hand sanitizer and sizzle off whatever micro-organisms is also lingering on your skin is powerful, try to resist. The alcohol-based formula can disrupt the outer skin layer, causing irritation and flaking. “If you’re using hand sanitizer, illustrate to moisturize afterward to help repair your skin barrier.”

Taking a Hot Shower
Stepping into a hot, steaming shower after spending the outing within the cold is also one in every of winter’s most relaxing indulgences, but Bhanusali explains that this might even be a reason why your skin is also peeling. “Taking too hot of a shower for too long may remove the ‘good’ oils from your skin and dry it out.”

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