Traditional Ayurveda


Greenderma is a Division of Alna Group Of companies. It is one of the tops of India Pharmaceutical Brands. and also from the last 5 years is focusing on promoting and preserving the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda. Greenderma focuses on making products. Due to authentic Indian Ayurveda medicament and wellness products. So, It gives the best result to your body and your skin.

Kumkumadi is an Ayurveda range created by Greenderma. Traditional Ayurveda that focuses on products that are traditionally Indian. and also this is our entire Kumkumadi beautification range. Therefore, they focuses on all skin problems. and also gives the desired glow to the skin. clearing out all skin issues. Therefore, Kumkumadi is a magical preparation of Ayurveda. and Ayurveda is said to be the “gift of God” to the skin.

Kumkumadi is a result of the Greenderma Ayurveda. Therefore, It was a division made by the Alna Group of companies. Which advances and brings the ancient original Indian Ayurvedic Products. So, Alna Group focuses to make products that change the world.

Similarly, The Alna and Greenderma connected to each other. Due to their connection they Discover the old arrangement of Kumkumadi. Most importantly, needed to show the best skin lighting up item was made in India. what’s more? we Discover this conventional Ayurveda readiness with a great deal of work. and also profound information on Ayurveda.


Discover Greenderma : Kumkumadi focuses on creating products from pure and natural herbs. So it gives the natural nourishment to the skin. and making skin look glowing and also brightened with natural herbs.


Kumkumadi is Traditional Ayurveda Skincare. Therefore the ancient knowledge of India has Discover this amazing skin preparation. So, which gives natural skin enhancement to the skin and also natural glow.


All our Ayurveda products that we Discover are cruelty-Free. So, We don't believe in harming animals. and we also condemn the same. All our products are created and quality tested in the laboratory.

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