how to take great care of your skin


Summers can be very ruthless for your skin. but When the temperature climbs and the heat and humidity can make your already active oil glands hyperactive. You eventually end up with excessive sebum around the T-zone, itchy rashes, sunburn, and premature signs of aging.

This is why you need a proper skin care

Routine as your first line of defense.

In this article, we will show you how to take care of your skin and keep it glowing during summer. Keep reading.


The scorching summer heat can be unforgiving on your skin. So, Pollution can intensely summer sun, heat, and humidity can also cause many skin issues.

Tanning, dry patches, overactive sebaceous glands, sunburn, pigmentation, blemishes, and acne – these are a few issues that you may face during summer.

So, that is why you should need to take care of your skin during this season? and You also need to update your skincare products and routine with the changing seasons. Below, we have suggested some changes that you need to make in your skincare routine.

Oily skin takes the maximum hiding as your pores can get easily clogged and cause pimple. Get a foaming cleanser that contains salicylic acid for summers.

if you have dry skin, you may experience redness and rashes. Use a non-soapy face wash to clean your face twice a day. The same is applicable for those with combination skin.

but Those who have normal skin can switch to a gel-based face during summers and Wash your face twice or thrice a day to feel refreshed.


Sunscreen is something that you absolutely cannot forget during summers. so, face protection from sun, hands, legs, and any other exposed parts of your body is vibrant.

Excessive UV exposure can permanently damage your skin and cause sunburn, wrinkles, fine lines, skin cancer, and premature aging.

Add A Punch of Antioxidants

Always invest in serums, moisturizers, and sunscreens because they come with an additional punch of antioxidants. For example, vitamin C protects your skin from a lot of damage and it also prevents wrinkles development.

Creams and serums loaded with natural extracts and antioxidants reduce inflammation (which is pretty common in summer), neutralize harmful free radicals, and repair your skin.

 Add Fruits and Vegetables to Your Diet

Applying antioxidants topically is not enough. because it maintains glowing skin, you need to nourish it accordingly. healthy eating is a must during summer. Consume lots of fruits and vegetables.

They contain essential vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants that boost collagen production, reduce inflammation, and protect your skin from the damaging effects of the sun.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Your skin needs it to stay hydrated from the inside out and must drink 9-10 glasses of water in a day for better looking skin.

Drink plenty of water and don’t forget to carry a water bottle with you wherever you go. Keep sipping from your bottle. This is important to keep your skin hydrated, flush out toxins from your body, and feel refreshed during the hot summer days.


We all want to use makeup to cover up pimples. Wearing makeup can block your skin with contact with oxygen. this can lead to irritation in summer. Not getting makeup for a girl is very much big thing but people should be aware that it can damage your skin in the summer. Remember one thing when you are going to sleep remove makeup properly it can be harmful to your skin.


In summer, your skin works are getting hard to keep itself healthy and heal any irritation. Help your skin in this process by exfoliating it gently. Exfoliation helps buff away the dead skin cells, leaving your skin looking radiant.

For exfoliation, You can use home-made sugar scrubs or simply scrub your skin gently with a washcloth. But, make sure that you do not over-exfoliate your skin because over-exfoliate can also damage your skin.

Tone Your Skin

Tone your skin in summer is very beneficial for your skin. because A good toner keeps your skin clean and also makes your skin oil-free skin. Toner reduces the appearance of pores from your skin.

Moisturize your skin. 

Dry your skin by touching yourself dry thoroughly. Do not leave your skin humid. So, then apply lotion on your skin or another healing moisturizer to your skin to seal in the moisture and protect your skin from dry air throughout the day. Try these moisturizers for shining, healthy skin

Do Not Forget Your Feet

Your skin does not end at your neck you have taken care of your skin toward from neck because of a lot of people who always take care of their face but, they don’t think below the neck.

 Most of us tend to forget our feet. but, now that you have replaced your winter boots with summer sandals, and you need to take care of your feet as well Give yourself a pedicure at home.

 Use a scrub to remove the dead and dry skin cells. Moisturize your feet, and don’t forget to apply sunscreen lotion on them.

Get Enough Exercise

Doing regular exercise in summer keeps you fit and strong, but it can also do wonderful work for your skin. Because doing regular exercise is good for your skin. exercise is very helpful for skin and maintaining your skin cells.

 If you are doing regular exercise you are getting fit, healthy and clear skin, because Exercise is one of the most important things for your health and it is also very much beneficial for your heart. So, make sure that you are washing your hand properly after exercise. 

Don’t Cut Down Your Resting Time

Don’t cut down your time, because Your body needs some time to repair itself and maintain your healthy skin. So, that’s why no matter what schedule you maintain, try to take out enough time to rest.

This is crucial because during the summer months, the days are longer, and most of us tend to be active for longer. Being exposed to the sun longer also leads to dullness and the appearance of the signs of aging.

Sleep is called the beauty of sleep for a reason. Make sure that you are taking a minimum 6 hours of sleep regularly in the night it may help for healthier skin. Because when we are sleeping our whole body takes rests and repairs by itself.

Do Not Forget the Eye Area

The area around your eyes is more delicate than the rest of your face and needs special care. Whenever you are stepping out in the sun, do not forget to wear sunglasses. This will prevent the formation of wrinkles around your eyes.

Don’t forget to apply a moisturizing eye cream in the day and the night. Use products that contain hydrating ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, honey, and cucumber. Massage the area around your eyes every night to relax the muscles.

Cool Off with A Face Steam

A cool face steam works wonders on a hot and humid summer day. It helps in relaxing sunburns and inflammation and makes your skin look fresh and dewy. You can buy a face steam or even make one at home.

Always Take Cold Water Showers

Avoid hot showers and steam baths during summer as they dehydrate your skin. Take a cold-water shower instead. It keeps your skin pores unclogged and prevents acne breakouts. It is also much more refreshing.


 Cooling Cucumber Face Steam (For All of the types of skin)

Cucumber feels extremely soothing on the skin. For cucumber face steam, grid a cucumber and stress the juice through a cheese stuff. Mix the juice with a tablespoon of rosewater, mint leaves and, a teaspoon of lemon juice in a spray bottle. Spritz it on your face throughout the day.

Gentle Coffee Body Exfoliator for Tan Removal (For All the types of Skin)

Why spend money on store-bought body scrubs? If you have coffee grounds at home, making this body scrub is a breeze. Mix a quarter cup of brown sugar, half a cup of coffee grounds, 2 tablespoons of sesame oil, olive oil, a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil, and a tablespoon of sea salt. Store the mixture in a glass jar. Use this mixture as a body scrub.

 Gentle Cucumber and Mint Eye Mask

A refreshing cucumber and mint eye mask can rapidly take all the tiredness away from your eye area. For this easy eye mask what you have to is, blend a few mint leaves, extract the juice, and mix it with half a cup of cucumber juice.

Add rosewater to it. Dip cotton pads into the mixture and place them on the eyes. If you want, you may place the soaked cotton pads in a Ziplock bag and refrigerate it for 15 minutes before using it.

Strawberry and Lemon Face Pack

If you love fruit face masks, try strawberry and lemon face mask, you are going to love this one. Combine mashed strawberries with a tablespoon of yogurt, half a teaspoon of lemon juice, and honey.

 Apply this on your face as a face mask and wash it off after it dries. Make sure that you dilute the lemon juice before using it on your skin. Since lemon makes the skin photosensitive, use a sunscreen before you go out after using this face pack. Avoid lemon juice if you have sensitive skin.

Pore Tightening Egg White Face Mask

This is an easy home-made face mask. Mix a teaspoon of orange juice and a pinch of turmeric powder with one egg white. Apply this mask on your face.

The sultry summer days are numbered. However, the rashes and patches that your skin develops during this period will stick around for a long time unless you take good care of your skin. These tips and recipes can help restore your skin’s natural balance and keep it well protected in the heat.

How to Take a great Care of Your Skin In Humid Weather?

Tired of sweaty extremely during the summer months? Does your skin get tired before the day starts? Are the heat and humidity taking over your life? If the answer is yes, then it’s high time you did something about it.

Wondering how to take care of skin in humid weather?

Worry not, the best tips for taking good care of your skin have been talked about in the paragraphs below. Go ahead and read on!

1.Wash Your Face

The first trick to keep your skin glowing and soft this summer is by cleansing your face three times a day. Use a product that suits your skin.

Also, remember to wash your face with cold water before you proceed with the face wash because direct contact with heated skin isn’t considered very healthy.

You just wash your face two or three times a day to reduce the amount of oil on your skin. Washing your face regularly can help with glowing skin.

There are tips for glowing skin in summer:

  • Wash with soap and normal hot water.
  • Avoid those soaps who have fragrances, harsh chemicals, added moisturizers, which can irritate your skin.

2. Use Deodorant

In this upcoming hot summer, humid conditions lead to lot of sweating, especially around the neck region and the armpits. But you can always avoid this by using deodorant.

It will not only prevent you from bad smell, but it also makes you fresh and clean at all the times. College going student and working professional should definitely take good deodorant.

Deodorant can take a better care of your skin in summer.

 3.Weekly Facials

Your skin leans towards to get dark very easily during the summer. Not just that, it leans towards to collect more dirt, oil, and pollution. but, take care of this problem is very easy by getting weekly facials done.

 No, you don’t have to hit the parlour! Just follow some amazing facial routine at home and we will sure that you’ll get definitely feel a difference in your skin. It takes only 20 to 25 minutes and promises to enhance your complexion.

Wash your face first. Splash some cold water a couple of times. Use a face wash if you like.


A good scrub is something that you should purchase online very easily. If you don’t have one at home right now, that’s okay! Use lemon instead.

 Cut one into two halves and scrub all over your face for about two minutes. Let it bowl in for another minute and then you can splash some cold water.

Face Massage:

For face massage You don’t have to purchase something expensive from the cosmetics store for this. Expensive products aren’t the only way to good looks. Try face oil instead, like coconut or olive oil.

To massage like a professional, always start off with your cheeks. Massage in a clockwise motion. After a minute, move towards your eyes and continue in the same direction.

Massage your forehead and the frown line next. Repeat this twice to maximize the results.

Face Pack:

So, now it’s a time to use face pack. You have to select what suits your skin best. If you have oily skin then you have to go orange peel and yogurt.

If you have dry skin, then I think you have to go for banana and honey face pack. And if you are looking for lighter complexion, then use rose water.


Moisturizing Your skin, its care for humid weather doesn’t finish until you moisturize your skin.

 Make sure your hands are clean before you start applying. Spread the cream equally all over your face and neck. Massage gently. Your facial is now done.

4. Prevent Acne

It is very important to know how to prevent acne, pimples and breakouts during summers. The condition tends to get worse when humidity increases.

Pimples (acne) is one of the most annoying things in our life because pimple can appear anywhere on the skin in the summer. But they most like to occur on the face. Pimple is called acne. In some cases, pimple comes from genetics.


Here is a list of foods you should be eating during summer to keep your skin hydrated, balanced and glowing.

1. Black Plum

Plums are delicious, healthy and super hydrating. They contain Vitamin C and are also known for boosting the absorption of iron in the body.

2. Litchis

Litchis are not just used for making scrumptious teas, ice creams, and other cold drinks. They also improve immunity, boost digestion and contain anti-fungal properties as well 

3. Mangoes

I don’t think there is any other better way to beat this summer with his heat and the humidity, some cold mangoes straight brought from the fridge can beat this summer very easily.

They fight cancer, reduce cholesterol, and eliminate pimples as well 

4. Watermelons

Watermelons are not only sweet but also hydrating. They are very low in calories, full of antioxidants and serve you with several nitrifying properties.

5. Cucumber

Cucumber is one of the excellent for those who love to go on a detox diet once in a while. It comes with refreshing benefits that will relax your body, mind, and soul.

It opens the pores of your skin and also banishes thigh cellulite.


Combination skin is not easy to work and it can be a little tricky to work. Combination skin is that type of skin which some dry and oily skin. A mix of oily and dry skin, you need special products and special care to ensure your skin is well nourished and taken care of.

Summers are difficult for those with oily skin, as on the one hand you want to reduce the sweat and oiliness, but also want to take care of the dryness.

Its little difficult to find products that are exactly created for combination skin. These are few and limited, and sometimes, may not even work well on everyone.

Summer Face Packs for Combination Skin:

There are some summer face packs that you should try if you have combination skin.

1. Yogurt, Rose Water, and Honey Face Pack

  • Mix together honey, yogurt and rose water in equal quantities (about 1 tbsp each)
  • Apply on the face evenly
  • Keep it on for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Wash off with regular water

How This Will Help?

yogurt and Honey are known for their cooling effect on skin. They will help combat dryness and provide moisture to your skin. Rose water will control the oiliness while giving your skin an added freshness, especially during the summers. It also acts as a good sun protector.

2. Almonds and Oats Face Pack

Oats face pack also come for rescue your skin too.

  • Soak 10 almonds in water and let them stay soaked overnight
  • The next morning, grind these into a paste.
  • Add 1 tbsp of oats, 1 tsp of honey and yogurt as required
  • The mix will get a smooth paste.
  • Apply this on the face and keep it on for about 15 to 20 minutes
  • Wash off with regular water

How This Will Help?

Oats will help scrub off the excess oil from the skin, while almonds will add nourishment back to dry skin.

3. Banana and Papaya Face Pack

Papaya and banana are great foods when it comes to taking care of your skin.

  • Mash some papaya and banana and mix together
  • Now add in some honey to the above ingredients
  • Mix everything well to get a smooth paste
  • Apply to your face and leave on till it dries
  • Wash off with regular water

Watch your skin glow after some time. The shine and extra oil will be in control while the dry patches will be considerably softer.

4. Multani Mitti Face Pack

This is one of the most useful things for our face. Multani Mitti is a key ingredient in almost all face packs that are made in Indian homes and also that are available in the market. Multani Mitti alone has a tendency to intensify dry skin conditions. It is best to always add rose water for skin because skin required moisture too. Mix Multani Matti and rose water.

  • Apply to your face till it dries and then wash off with regular water.

How This Will Help?

This helps to soothe and refresh the skin.

5. Cucumber Face Pack

  • Grate half a cucumber and add 1 tsp of honey and half a tsp of milk cream to it.
  • Apply this to your face.
  • Place 2 cucumber slices on your eyes.
  • Wash off when dry or after 15 to 20 minutes.

Some Facts About Natural Ingredients Used In The Above Face Packs:

  • Oats and papaya exfoliate and remove dead skin cells.
  • Rose water helps to balance out the dry and oily skin areas.
  • Vitamin E oils in almonds nourish the skin.
  • Honey and bananas are excellent natural moisturizers.
  • Yogurt softens and hydrates skin.
  • Multanimitti and cucumbers are cool and refreshing.

There is a wealth of benefits present in these packs. Try out the one best suited to your skin. With all this artillery in your kitty, you are beautifully ready to face the summers.


Pimples (acne) is one of the most annoying things in our life because pimple can appear anywhere on the skin. But they most like to occur on the face. Pimple is called acne. In some cases, pimple comes from genetics.

There are some tips to reduce your PIMPLE (ACNE):


Washing your face more than twice a day from pimple-free skin. Washing your face help to prevent pimples, it’s important to remove excess oil, dirt, and sweat daily.

Don’t wash your face with harsh cleansers that dry skin. Use an alcohol-free cleanser. 

There are some tips for how to wash your face:

  • Wash your face with warm, try not to use hot water.
  • Apply a cleanser in a gentle way and circular motion using your fingers.
  • Solution thoroughly, and perfectly dry.


Moisturizer help to make your skin stay hydrated. Many moisturizers contain oil, fake fragrance, or any other ingredients that may irritate skin and it cause pimples.

If you need help to prevent pimples, then we are suggesting you that you have to use fragrance moisturizer after you wash your face or when your skin feels dry.


When you are doing exercise, after exercise you should contain more water for being hydrated. Dehydration gives you a dull skin appearance and its cause redness and inflammation. If you’re getting dehydrated, your body might signal your skin’s oil glands to produce more oil.

So, make sure that your body is very much hydrated. To keep your body well-hydrated, drink at least eight 10-ounce glasses of water each day. 


We all have a habit of touching our face, eyes mouth and noses. If you want to protect yourself make sure that you have to avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.

Because our hand has a lot of dirt and bacteria from a lot of places. Try to avoid touching your face and make your skin pimple (acne) free.


We all want to use makeup to cover up pimples. Wearing makeup can block your skin with contact with oxygen. this can lead to irritation.

 Not getting makeup for a girl is very much big thing but people should be aware that it can damage your skin.

Remember one thing when you are going to sleep remove makeup properly it can be harmful to your skin.


In this summer, we all want our skin clean, refreshing skin, pigmentation free skin. pigmentation of skin disorder caused changes in our skin color. when we have pigmentation condition that causes that our skin is getting dark and dark. At that time, you just take care of your skin has become no less than a task.

This is the first thing because of the continuous exposure to the sun and pollution which has lots if numbers of skin problems like pigmentation spots, burning skin, there is many more skin problems is in this summer. We all want our skin pigmentation free skin in summer.

Here we will tell you how you get your pigmentation free skin, there are some home remedies:


we all don’t even know how yogurt is helpful for our skin in this summer because yogurt has lactic acid, and it helps to shed the dead cells of our skin. If you want your pigmentation free skin then you must use Yogurt.

To clear the pigmentation spots, you need to do is take one tables spoon of Yogurt and then apply Yogurt on the affected areas where you want to clear your pigmentation and leave it for 20-25 minutes. And then wash your face with water.


Papaya helps us in clearing the dead cells and helps us to get new cells by curing hyperpigmentation. it also has excellent exfoliating assets. If you want papaya for your skin then make a papaya face-pack and then you have to take 3 tablespoons of papaya extract, honey and milk.

And take a bowl and mix these all ingredient properly. After this make sure that ingredients have properly mixed and then apply into in your face for 20 to 25 minutes.


Sandalwood may be very beneficial from your skin in this summer because sandalwood helps to lighten your pigmentation spots.

If you want to use sandalwood paste for your skin then you require some rose water and sandalwood and then take a bowl and add these ingredients and make sure you mix it well. After mixing then apply on your face for 20 minutes.

After 20minutes wash with lukewarm water. This process is very helpful for lightening the pigmentation free skin in this summer.

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